Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Grazie! A beautiful recommendation from our Tuscan love birds!

"Ti amo dal profondo del mio cuore con tutta la mia anima."
I love thee with the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach.

Italy. Love. Romance. How fortunate were we to be selected to work with this beautiful couple when they planned their amazing July 2009 Tuscan wedding. A private villa outside of Pienza was the venue for this amazing wedding. It doesn't get much better than this.
Thank you, Colleen and Gunter. You're the best.
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And here is their amazing letter they sent to Good Taste upon their return.


Dear Good Taste Gals,

We did it! We had the wedding of our dreams and much of the credit falls squarely on your sturdy yet refined shoulders. We came to you with a glimmer of an idea, the thought of a wedding abroad. At the time, we did not intend to hire wedding planners. All we thought we needed was someone to help kick start the process. We had a set of parameters but no specific destination in mind. You scoured the globe and presented to us thirteen different destinations, each one unique in its allure. By the time we completed this part of the process and had decided on a wedding in the rolling hills of Tuscany, we were hooked; your professionalism, attention to detail, and reassuring communication style won us over. We left every meeting thinking that our dream wedding was possible. We simply had to hire Good Taste Events to plan our wedding.

Given these economic times and the exchange rate, we thought a destination wedding may be out of the question. Or, if we did do a destination wedding, our plans would have to be dramatically scaled back. However, early in the process Jody said a very nice wedding was doable for our modest budget. And to be honest, we had our doubts. But Jody kept her word and we had a wedding that topped our expectations and stayed on budget, thanks to her hardnosed negotiations and creative alternatives.

Planning a destination wedding is not easy and it should be noted that we are both often referred to as Type-A personalities. Going into this process, we had no idea how we, as detail oriented people, would be able to work with a wedding planner. Would we have to just give up control and be happy with whatever we got? Would we micromanage our planner into a nervous breakdown? Neither turned out to be the case - you handled us very well. :) Every meeting was like a good therapy session and we always left feeling stress free and excited about some new aspect of our wedding. You not only ensured that appropriate tasks were being completed on time, but you also took our event to another level by brainstorming with us to build on our theme and create an event that was memorable, personalized, and visually stunning.

A key aspect to hosting an event abroad is having good contacts. Jody was able to use her professional network and create these relationships. The situation turned out ideally for us. We worked directly with Jody, whom we have supreme confidence in, and in turn, Jody worked with her contact abroad to make it a reality. By the time the process got underway, it was remarkable the level of detail we were discussing for a wedding thousands of miles away.

Even though, at some level, this was always a business relationship, it never felt that way. We honestly felt that you cared about our wedding as much as we did and that means a lot to us. Our wedding was simply spectacular. It was a loving, intimate set of ceremonies in a beautiful far off land. We feel blessed to have such a lovely event mark our union and we can't thank you enough for making it possible.


Colleen and Gunter

Jody's Note: Special thanks to Carlos and Monica for photos and assistance with planning.

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Pienza is really a very charming place. I wrote about it on my blog...