Monday, January 26, 2009

Six-word memoirs. Addictive love and reading.

"Six-Word Memoirs on Love & Heartbreak"
by writers Famous & Obscure
Edited by Smith Magazine

f you haven't yet found this book, I suggest you drop everything and order it immediately. Along with their first creation "Not quite what I was planning", the folks at Smith Magazine have got us hooked on this amazingly inspiring book of short stories. Six word stories.

What they have shown is that an entire life can be summed up in six words! As an example, the editors cite Ernest Hemingway's famous quote that says so much: "For Sale: baby shoes, never worn."

This book conjured up so many ideas for us and how asking friends and loved ones to write their six-word essays could be a fantastic idea for events, ice breakers, memory albums, invitation quotes, blog 'tag' games, etc. So watch out! We may tag you for your best six-word memoir...

We agree with their thoughts on enjoying this treasure: "Under the covers with your sweetheart, over cocktails with friends, or alone with a tube of cookie dough, you'll find real energy on every page." You can even post your own memoirs here.

Here are some of our favorites from the book:

"Seven days turned into forty-six years." - Harriette Spanabel

"He wrote songs for me. Sigh." - Pamela Des Barres

"Soulmate found in grade nine gym." - Amy Leask

"We belly laugh every single day." - Michelle Ottey

"Where he is, I am home." - Julia Evans

"He always stirs my chocolate milk." - Sarah Thornburg

"He sees the me that I don't."
- Mary Catherine Hamelin

and my personal favorite:

" Beloved's face. Like staring at God." - Susan Dickman

Sunday, January 25, 2009

What the world needs now is love.... our latest series

We're starting a new series on one of our favorite subjects - LOVE! I happen to believe that every day should be like Valentine's Day, and, as Cupid is just around the corner, it seemed a great way to begin our latest blogging series.

The delicious chocolate butter cookies above are exclusive to Williams Sonoma and are available via their catalog or Internet only. Here's how they describe these sweet little bites:

"Made with equal measures of love, skill and premium ingredients that include dark Valrhona chocolate, our heart-shaped chocolate butter cookies from Sweet Guy Cookies will charm your valentine. The cookies are prepared, rolled and cut by hand, then decorated in green, pink, aqua and orange and yellow icing, each stamped with the words “Kiss Me,” “Cute,” “Love” or “Flirt.” The 2 1/2" x 2" cookies arrive in a reusable tin. 7 oz. Set of nine."

They are $22 and should be ordered by February 9th to ensure delivery for delivery on Valentine's Day.

However, why not stock up? Consider these love bites any time of the year... as an addition to a sweet little love note left on your sweethearts pillow, to surprise your loved ones in the mail, to drop off on at a colleagues office or even to simply have on hand when friends drop by for tea.

Gosh, I love love.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Colleagues who inspire....Liene Stevens

"Appreciation is a wonderful thing.
It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well." - Voltaire

I have had the great pleasure of meeting so many talented friends and associates in my career. All of them have touched me in one way or another, but just a handful have truly inspired me - making me want to reach higher, dream bigger, and reassure me that my positive outlook truly does matter. One of those amazing women is Liene ("Lynn") Stevens. Liene is the CEO of "Blue Orchid Designs" and the Founder of "The Smart Planner". She has the business sense of someone at least twice her age (although she is a youngster compared to me!), the wisdom of a seasoned professional, the intelligence that would make Mensa proud, the quiet humor and sass of the best stand-up comic, and a heart of pure gold. She's the kind of girl you just love being around ... I'm so lucky to call her my friend.

Today I attended a workshop that she sponsored on Blogging. (Imagine the pressure I'm feeling as I type!) As I returned to my hotel to blog, the thing that kept coming to my mind was gratitude. My heart is overflowing tonight with appreciation and gratitude for Liene. Her sharing, her ideas, her personality, her open and honest approach to this crazy business of wedding planning.

So, this blog post will probably not earn an "A" on the subjects we discussed today, but it's the thing that I wanted to share the most. If you haven't had an opportunity to meet Liene, make it a priority. Attend a workshop, read her blogs, follow her advice. You'll be Blessed by the experience.

Thanks, Liene. xo

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hi, I'm Jody and I'm a beautiful linen addict.

I have a confession. I absolutely love beautiful linens. I mean this is a serious love affair -not a simple matter of flirting. The look, the color, the feel, the texture all just make me happy. I love walking into a luxurious bedroom - it's my sanctuary in a crazy world. So, every Saturday morning, I look forward to changing my bedding and ironing my sheets. Yes, you read that right. I iron my sheets. I also polish my silver on a regular basis, and my towels are folded perfectly in my linen closet. Some of these traits scare my friends, but they are a couple of little things that float my boat.

One of my very favorites are the amazing Pine Cone Hill products found many places - and one of the best spots online for gorgeous items is Layla Grayce. They are worth every penny and like fine wine, truly get better with age.

So, if you haven't pulled out the Rowenta and gone through this exercise, I strongly suggest it. It can be addictive and be a nice and simple way to pamper yourself.

Wow. It feels good to confess. :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

No seriously. Where did you find that dress?

One of our brilliant, beautiful brides found this fantastic bridesmaid dress for her bridal party. Her colors are yellow/grey/silver and each girl will wear their choice of yellow shoes.

We absolutely adore it! The best part? Target. $39.99.

Yet further proof that Good Taste doesn't necessarily equate to a bulging bank account.

Monday, January 5, 2009

We've come a long way, baby!

"The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more". - Jonas Salk

With the Grand Opening of our new business venture "DIY Good Taste", we were thrilled to come across this picture of what (if memory serves me), was our very first wedding. Gertrude was a lovely bride...and that handsome husband was something else, too. Can't you just see the passion, love, and joviality in their faces?

We're thrilled to see that in our recent couples, they've lost the layers of scratchy lace gowns and have seemed to loosen up a bit for the group photos.

There's nothing like experience to build a business. Here's to a thrilling and prosperous future!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Announcing - DIY Good Taste™! Making your DIY project a fun and fabulous experience.

With so many amazing 'Do It Yourself' people and projects out there, we are thrilled to announce the Grand Opening of our latest venture - "DIY Good Taste™".

What exactly is "DIY Good Taste™"?

We have award winning creative ideas and the talented team that can help you create your very own DIY projects. Combing the use of our studio (including all our professional tools and necessary materials), and our floating 'creative angels' to assist your group of friends or family as they "build" your dream projects - DIY will offer a memorable experience that will save you time, create wonderful memories and send you home with your completed projects - just as though you ordered them from a professional store!

How does DIY Good Taste™ work?

It's really quite simple. (And of course, fun.)
  1. You'll schedule an appointment to meet with our creative team to discuss what you're looking for. The possibilities are endless so we've come up with some sample ideas (Save the Date cards, invitations, table numbers, favors, thank you notes, etc.) to help inspire you. They vary from very simple to over-the-top so we can work with projects in any budget range.

  2. Once you decide on the project that you like, you'll choose the paper color and quality, the specific wording (we have ideas galore!), ribbon colors, anything else you'd like to make it "yours" - even calligraphy styles and stamps if you like!

  3. We order all of the necessary materials and have them ready for your 'DIY team' to assemble on the date that you schedule.

  4. On your 'DIY date' (or night!), our studio is all yours. Bring your friends and get ready for a fantastic experience - that produces tangible results! You'll go home with your beautiful invitations, favors, programs, gift baskets or whatever you've decided to produce in a beautiful bag ready to 'wow' your guests. A fun experience and a huge relief to knock off that to-do list!
I'm really not creative! I've spent hours in the paper store and feel overwhelmed by the process and how it can possibly get done in time!

Trust us. We've spent hours in those stores, too. We've probably seen you there! Remember those 'angels' I mentioned? They'll be there to provide full instructions to everyone upon arrival. If you run into any glitches, we're there to help! Plus, what a joy to have your kitchen table free from those piles of expensive paper and rolls of ribbon!

What makes it an experience different than just having my friends over to make invitations?

Great question. Again, when you do any DIY project, you realize that the most important thing you need is the proper tools. We have professional grade tools that work beautifully. We prepare all materials in advance so you don't spend hours and hours cutting and pasting and prepping BEFORE you even begin your project. Remember, we do this professionally so we know how to create amazing projects efficiently.

Also, because we're event planners, we love parties! If you'd like to bring wine or adult beverages, just let us know! (A designated driver or car service is required.) We'll supply the cheese and crackers! How fun to have a limousine pick up all of your DIYers and take you home at the end of the evening? Would you like us to take photos of your fun evening for your wedding memory book? No problem! We'll make it happen.

It sounds amazing! How much does this cost?

Your initial consultation (usually between 1 - 2 hours) is $75. If you decide to book your project with DIY Good Taste, that fee is applied to the final amount of your experience.

We will determine the exact cost of your projects based on the complexity of it, the quality of the materials involved, etc. and we will let you know the prices, so you will know exactly where you stand with regard to your budget. There is a $500 minimum on any project. REMEMBER: your project will be unique to you. Totally custom. Totally cool.

Our studio rental fee is $90 per hour with a 3 hour minimum. This includes all work stations, aprons, professional grade tools, and a minimum of 2 'creative angels' to oversee your work.


The DIY Good Taste™ possibilities are truly endless and we look forward to being your "secret partner" in your DIY project of your dreams. Give us a call today at 425.818.0369 or send us an email at and let's get started.

PS. Our new website is coming soon! Gift certificates are available and a referral program is being developed...