Thursday, November 1, 2007

I like you, too - Amy Sedaris

You've got to love a book with a sub-title that reads: Hospitality under the Influence. This book is Amy Sedaris' hilarious look at entertaining. I would recommend signing onto immediately and ordering two copies - one for yourself and a second for your favorite hostess. Shucks, I think this may be a Christmas staple for those friends of mine who love to throw - and attend - parties! Here are some of her ideas:
  • Party Strategy The second you decide to throw a party start making ice. Sedaris calls buying a bag of it "cheating."
  • The Guest List If everyone is the same, the party is a boring convention. Still you should avoid toxic combinations, like an astrologer and an astronomer, the newly divorced couple, and a serial killer and a drunken teenager.
  • Invitations Be specific about time, location and themes so guests can dress appropriately. If you don't RSVP immediately, hosts will worry you are waiting for a better offer.
  • Etiquette Don't arrive early unless specifically asked to. But do arrive on time, especially for a dinner party. Depending upon the host, consider practical gifts like toilet paper and stamps. If you want to bring wine, ask the hostess what she is planning to serve and bring a bottle of that. If you want to be graceful in an old world sort of way, send a bouquet of flowers the following day.
  • Adult Proof Your House Assume guests will snoop. Plan ahead and fill your medicine cabinet with marbles.
  • Try to Turn a Profit Capitalize on the chance to sell things to a house full of liquored up, generous guests. Set up a table of things you are selling for 25 cents. A strict hostess Sedaris has three rules for party sales: 1) it has to be a quarter, not two dimes and a nickel; 2) you break it, you buy it; and 3) you buy it, you take it away.
Who said entertaining couldn't be entertaining?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Glassybaby Love

One of my dearest and most talented friends, Maude May of SparkArt presented me and my husband with a beautiful glassybaby for a wedding gift. It was such a thoughtful gesture and as it provides a perfect warm glow at my desk each day. Every time I see it, I think of Maude and her generosity and the light she brings into my world. I also am always touched and inspired by the story behind these lovely candle holders. In the spirit of 'paying it forward' (which I love), many of the proceeds go to various charity foundations. Maude's thoughtful gift came with a note stating that ten percent of all proceeds directly benefit cancer patients at the UW Medical Center. How wonderful to consider such a gift as hostess gifts, holiday gifts or wedding favors. Paying it forward is one of the best feelings I know of.
Straight from their website, here is the skinny:
"Glassybaby came to life at a time when founder Lee Rhodes' life had taken a fragile turn. The year was 1996 and Lee was fighting what would become a 7-year battle with a rare form of lung cancer, and raising her three small children. She had endured surgery, countless rounds of chemotherapy and was searching for a few moments of serenity to escape the fear that had encompassed her life. As a special Christmas gift to her husband at the time, she presented him glass blowing lessons. One of the first pieces he brought home from class was a small, brightly colored cup - almost like a baby cup. As he made more, Lee placed tea lights in them and spread them around her home, feeling the chaos become calm...and was born.

Over the next five years, Lee encouraged her husband to make more so she could give them away as gifts to her friends. Eventually she learned to blow glass and create , and then searched out local glass blowers to assist her with the production. She became driven to spread the light of . To her, they became "that deep breath that we often forget to take". In 2003, opened its first retail store and now resides in its permanent home in the Madrona neighborhood of Seattle, where she now employs 25 people, including a team of dedicated glassblowers.
To honor those who have walked down her same path, Lee established goodwill. Every year, goodwill designates a select group of colors to benefit local and national organizations contributing to cancer patient care and cancer research.

Glassybaby remains an emotionally charged endeavor for Lee. Each day she is moved by the stories of those shopping in her studio, sometimes bringing tears, sometimes laughter - many cancer stories, and many stories of hope and healing. Each is created to be individual and each one is personal to her. As they leave the door, she is reminded of her journey and she hopes that the serenity and calm will remain with its new owner."
Visit them today.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Positively Precious Pumpkins!

Wow. Isn't amazing how absolutely beautiful a simple pumpkin can become when you apply a little 'Martha Magic' to the project? Actually, I first saw this on Meredith Tomasulo's fantastic blog Elegant Engagements. I couldn't resist sharing it as well. It's not at all surprising that she has this lovely post - her work is awesome. Be sure to check it out, you'll be hooked!
Wouldn't these be stunning at a fall wedding? I'm not even going to wait for my wedding couples to get these going... Our company is moving into a darling new office space and these will be amazing at our entry.
To make these for yourself, here are Martha's suggestion:
By paring away the skin and only part of the flesh rather than carving all the way through, the lantern becomes translucent when lit from within.
1. Cut a hole in the pumpkin's base, and hollow the pumpkin out. If you're using a candle, cut a lid out of the top using a keyhole saw; for low-wattage lightbulbs, cutting a hole in the top is optional, but you must also cut a hole in the back of the pumpkin for the cord. Apply petroleum jelly to any exposed flesh to keep it from drying out.

2. If you're carving a monogram, find an example of typeface to use and enlarge it on a photocopier to the desired size. Tape the monogram to the pumpkin with masking tape. Using a needle tool or pushpins, poke holes through the monogram and into the pumpkin around the outline of the letters at close intervals. Remove photocopy, and connect the "dots" by pen. Pare the flesh down with a gouge in open spaces and a linoleum cutter in tight spaces, leaving about half the thickness of the translucent flesh intact to allow sufficient light to show through. (You don't need a template to create spirals or a harlequin pattern, spirals can be carved freehand, and the harlequin diamonds can be drawn, prior to carving, using a felt-tipped pen.)

3. Wrap Christmas lights around a glass for a radiant light source. To even out the light, affix a piece of wax paper with tacks to the inside of the monogram.

Best of All, He Loved the Fall...

It is that wonderful time of year when the leaves are falling, the air is crisp, and the pumpkins, wreaths and gorgeous colors paint the neighborhoods. I usually go into the Autumn season kicking and screaming... I hate to give up the warmth and long days of summer, but once I'm there, I always love it. I start thinking about the Holidays and my one of my favorite day is Thanksgiving. I have so much to be grateful for in my life and love sharing a Thanksgiving Day meal with close family and friends.

I like to put a little 'happy' on each guests plate - in the past, I've done something as simple as writing small notes to each guest about why I'm thankful for them in my life. Mount the notes on a gorgeous leaf that you collect and you've got an instant place card and keepsake! This year, I think my guests will receive these cute little paperweights, tied with a gorgeous orange bow with a little greenery tucked in. I love the saying. "Gratitude can turn a feast into a meal, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend."

Also, how fun to put one of these Thanksgiving Day 'conversation' cards under each plate. During the meal, ask each guests to read their question and share their answer with the group. I believe even talking about gratitude is a good thing.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


This seems to be a fun thing currently going around the blog world and I was excited to be 'tagged' by my good friend, Amy Rubins of Fete Perfection. On top of having a fantastic company name and gorgeous website & blog, she produces and manages absolutely amazing weddings & events. It's so nice to have colleagues that are inspiring and fun!

So, the rules are to post 8 "interesting" things about yourself and then tag someone else. So buckle up, kids. These will no doubt fascinate and delight.

1. I am a native Minnesotan. My native language is, ya, you becha - Minnesotan. If you've seen the movie 'Fargo' then you know what I'm talkin' about, doncha? Now, to set things straight however, many Minnesotans were offended by the movie. I'm not one of them. I thought it was hysterical and loved Frances McDermott as 'Margie'. Although I don't get a chance to visit the land of 10,000 lakes too often, I rarely have to pull out the
'How to Speak Minnesotan' guide on my shelf before I visit. If you do plan a trip there, you should know just a few of the main phrases so you won't feel totally lost and won't insult the locals. These should be helpful:

  • SPAM: Not an internet nuisance thing there. It's a meat product that comes in a lovely blue tin can.
  • Yer darn tootin': Most definitely.
  • Spendy: Expensive.
  • Yah: Affirmative agreement.
  • Not so bad; Could be worse; Can't complain: The normal Minnesota reaction one may hear after being asked "how do you feel? You've just won the Pulitzer Prize!?"
  • Tennies: Sneakers.
  • Golly Jee Whillickers!: That is awesome.

2. I am the first to admit that although I appreciate the finer (okay, finest) things in life, I would take a Matt's Juicy Lucy over foie gras any day. Matt's Bar in Minneapolis may be my all time favorite restaurant in the world - and I've been fortunate enough to have frequented hundreds across the planet! Ahhh.... I can almost see those dusty Christmas lights that hang all year and hear that 'Mack the Knife' on the old Juke Box now. Add Matt's bar to your 1,000 places to see before you die list.

3. I am a breast cancer survivor. Yes. Get your mammogram, ladies. Please. I was diagnosed stricly through a mammogram screening in November 2003, and had a left-side mastectomy 3 weeks later. I'm happy and grateful to be amongst the pink ribbon wearing survivors.

4. Does your TIVO look like my TIVO? One of my secret enjoyments on a rainy weekend is to catch up on all my favorites. No Law & Order, Grey's Anatomy or Desperate Housewives here, folks. Nope. What you'll find is all of the fabulous reality shows that I dig. I don't know why but I love this stuff! My favorites? Little People, Big World (This family is amazing!), Airline (gotta love obnoxious people spewing and spitting at the Southwest Airline folks), The Bachelor (I miss it), and of course all of the wedding shows that star many of my favorite wedding planners!

5. The Starbucks names they have for their various sized coffees annoy me beyond belief. Is a 'Tall' a small or a medium? I'm so confused. Add to that the fact that when you use the good old English language to order your coffee, you're often scolded by one of their personnel. My experiences often go like this:

ME (customer): "I'd like a small coffee, please."

THEY (server): "A tall?"

ME (customer): "No, just a small one. Thanks."

THEY (server): "Ahhhh , well a tall is a small."

ME (customer): "What's a medium?"

THEY (server): "A Grande."

ME (customer): "Well that's weird. Grande is the Italian word for Large."

.... so unless I'm up for a good altercation, I usually avoid Starbucks at all costs. I'll take a Diet Coke.

6. Without a doubt, I am Blessed with the most incredible husband, family and friends that anyone could ever dream of.

7. I am pretty sure that I invented the word 'juu juu'. I've used it for years ("that's good juu juu!") and was stunned a couple of years ago when my friends started calling me at all hours telling me that they heard MY word on network TV shows. McDreamy stole my word? He should be careful ... stealing is really bad juu juu.

8. I am a proud American, a proud conservative, a proud Christian, and an eternal optimist. I believe that if people want to come to our country, they should come here legally. The illegals want to better their lives? Guess what, so do bank robbers. Give me a break. Follow the laws and we'll welcome you with open arms. I believe that if they do come to our country legally, they should speak English. I believe that people should be given a hand UP, NOT a hand out. I believe that tax cuts are meant for those people who actually pay taxes. Check the statistics. The wealthier people pay the taxes - that's why the rich people should get the tax cuts. I better stop now... Sean Hannity is on the radio. God Bless America.

Okay! Now...I'm tagging Risa Provencio of Romanza Events. Talk about talent! Risa is so inspiring and gives Martha Stewart a definite run for her money. Check out her site and her blog - You'll be hooked.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Sugar Hearts...mmmmmm

I just LOVE these little sugar hearts to perch on the edge of a glass or cup. Serving (or enjoying) coffee or iced tea was never this fun!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Bottled Water and a Smile to boot!

When planning weddings, I love adding just a bit of whimsy that reflects the personality of a couple. These beautiful personalized bottled waters are lovely but when you look closely, you'll see some fun reflected in the quotations on the back of the labels. It's fun to include these in your welcome baskets for your guests and perhaps in your hospitality suite. In addition to sharing the beautiful memories of your celebration, your guests will be smiling long after your big day has gone. Cheers!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Win a year of wedding inspiration!

A colleague of mine that I admire greatly is holding a fabulous contest!

Visit her blog at: for the details! Kelly McWilliams is amazingly talented, bright and fun and she is often an inspiration to me and Good Taste Events. She is sponsoring a great contest that you won't want to miss. Simply follow the link to her blog site and follow the instructions that she has posted.

Good luck from Good Taste Events!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Love that blushing bride

Leave it to Martha to come up with a simple but beautiful idea for the ever-so-popular signature drinks!

I love the idea of the pink 'Blushing Bride' and the 'Golden Groom' to serve guests on silver trays when they arrive at the reception. Add a napkin with a message that identifies the name of your personal drink and your party is off to a lovely beginning.

Along with some snacks and non-alcoholic choices, your guests will be smiling from the minute they arrive.


Thursday, May 31, 2007


I absolutely LOVE children's art, so I was thrilled when I found this artist who turns your favorite budding Degas pieces into sterling silver pins. A great gift or happy for Moms and Grandmoms, don't you think?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

100 Things Worth Every Penny

A few years ago, Forbes magazine published this great article -"100 things worth every penny". I believe that somethings are indeed worth the price. Hands down. No question. At other times, however, I find myself shaking my head in disbelief when I see the price tag of certain items. At times, I've come close to letting the shop management know that there is an obvious error in their price marked on certain items. ("Umm, yes, you have that T-shirt priced at $98. Obviously you mean $9.80"). I thought it would be fun to see how the 2000 list compared to my thoughts today.
I would add a few items to their impressive list...

* A professional wedding planner
* Frette linens
* Pine Cone Hill comforters
* Maui Jim sunglasses
* A trip to the Cook Islands
* First Class International flights anywhere
* Peninsula Hotels
* Kitchen Aid stand mixer
* A Sonicare toothbrush
* Tempurpedic mattress
* Fresh flowers

100 things worth every penny 11.13.00
FYI's second annual list (in no particular order) of money well spent:

1. A night in the Lincoln Bedroom
2. A good tire-pressure gauge
3. An Arabian horse from Egypt
4. Truffles
5. Parducci Petite Sirah
6. A colonoscopy
7. AAA Plus
8. Gap Kids
9. Cremation
10. Carrara marble
11. Fiji bottled water
12. Private balcony at the Monaco Grand Prix
13. Quies brand French earplugs
14. A good haircut
15. The lobster club sandwich at Le Cirque 2000
16. A boat trip through the Grand Canyon
17. Pelikan fountain pen
18. Viagra
19. A surprise party
20. Side-impact air bags
21. Nepenthe at Big Sur
22. A good baby-sitter
23. Felco pruning shears
24. Tickets to see Tiger Woods at the Masters
25. Paul Stuart blazer
26. The Arizona Biltmore
27. A farewell dinner
28. Any Ducati motorcycle
29. Piedmontese steak
30. Pane e Vino restaurant, L.A.
31. The Four Seasons Hotel, Las Vegas
32. A Riva wooden boat
33. Duracell batteries
34. Any pre-1970 12-cylinder Ferrari
35. HealthRider treadmill
36. Winchester 73 carbine
37. Tattoo removal
38. Chemex coffeemaker
39. Mclaren stroller
40. A great hammock
41. Stanley steel thermos
42. Kryptonite bike lock
43. An In-N-Out Burger, L.A.
44. Breitling stopwatch
45. A cab ride home from the bar
46. Mach 3 razor
47. Motion detectors
48. The Greek Isles
49. Riedel wineglasses
50. A renowned cardiologist
51. Condoms
52. Lifejackets
53. A genuine cast-iron skillet
54. Teeth bleaching
55. Hermès Eau d'Orange Verte cologne
56. "Dominator" Bell Helmet
57. Loro Piana cashmere
58. A good tailor
59. Unlined Italian leather gloves
60. Mason Pearson hairbrushes
61. Crème de la Mer face cream
62. Altus abdominal exerciser
63. Classic hardcover children's books
64. Personalized Cartier stationery
65. Nutella
66. Ski boot warmers
67. Piano lessons
68. Rhodia graph paper
69. U.S. Geological Survey maps
70. Hungarian goose-down bedding
71. Reflexology foot massage
72. Transferring home movies to video
73. Saffron
74. Purell hand sanitizer
75. Pilates classes
76. A powerful humidifier
77. A family reunion
78. A clay tennis court
79. Wooden clothes hangers
80. Chanel Nail Colour
81. Lowa hiking boots
82. A gas-fueled lighter
83. Genuine Pendleton blanket
84. Chameaux "wellies"
85. Orvis rolling duffel bag
86. Satellite TV
87. We-no-nah canoe
88. The honeymoon
89. Andrew Harper's Hideaway Report
90. A view
91. Fuji film
92. John Deere lawn tractor
93. Domke camera bag
94. A New York pied-à-terre
95. Premium unleaded
96. Emerald earrings
97. Insta-shine
98. Veuve Clicquot La Grand Dame Champagne
99. Sunblock
100. Your children

Friday, May 18, 2007

My Wedding Plans

When you read a good book, find a great recipe or spot the 'must have' shoes, it's so fun to share your discoveries with your friends. I wish I could do this for a living! There are so many wonderful things out there and seeking them out is half the fun. As I get ready for my September wedding, I've been on the hunt for some special goodies...for my reception, my home, my fiance, my guests and myself. Some of my favorites (so far) are here. Enjoy!

My dress for my wedding is beautiful. I feel like Cinderella when I go into Luly Yang Couture where I found it. Luly is one of the most talented designers I have ever met. On top of being beautiful and talented, she runs an amazing show and never slows down. Rebecca and the rest of Luly's team is top notch. They could rent themselves out and provide women a daily dose of 'Wow! You are so beautiful!'. It's hard to have a bad day after a stop at Luly's.

My photographer is Janet Klinger. Her photography is spectacular and I'm thrilled that she will be there to capture our special day.

Carly and Carah at Little q Designs are two of my favorite women. They are warm, professional, friendly and produce invitations and stationary items that are simply stunning.
My fiance is planning our honeymoon and the location is a complete surprise to me! I truly him implicitly (he has very good taste!) and know what he has planned will be nothing less than spectacular. I'm relying on my sister (the only other person who knows the honeymoon plans) to advise me on what to bring. Shopping blindfolded is a bit tricky, but I found this dress that I think i will definitely be able to bring on the honeymoon.

Heidi Merrick's traveling dress.
I'm ready to head to the airport now!

I am considering using small mint julep cups as part of the decor. You can do so much with them - insert a nice candle, engrave them, use them at each place setting with a beautiful flower... Some other things I like are below. Ahhhhh, decisions, decisions...

William Sonoma Cookies!
beautiful & delicious.

I LOVE Wonderful Graffiti. Their monograms and removable vinyl lettering are so lovely and add a personalized touch to any wedding or event. I have wonderful graffiti in my home and recommend it to all of my bridal couples. Wouldn't a small monogram be cute on each hotel room door?

113 days til the big day so I'll keep you posted!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Living a Beautiful Life

Love is such a nice thing to come home to. Were there ever more beautiful words? Especially when your beautiful kindergartner records it on canvas forever.

This is one of the little treasures that I have in my house. A precious gift that will adorn my home forever. As I thought of this, it reminded me of "Grace Notes" that Alexandra Stoddard ( published in her books "Living a Beautiful Life" and "Creating a Beautiful Home".

Having Good Taste does not necessarily equate to having a ton of money. Some things are easy to do for little or nothing. Simple things can add an amazing amount of beauty to your everyday life. Here are some of my favorites:
  • Light a candle anytime. In the evening they welcome guests; at meals they add a sense of specialness; during the day they offer relaxation and beautiful aromas; and at bath time, there is nothing more calming.
  • Add dimmer switches to all of your rooms. It's amazing what a difference lighting can make.
  • Display your children's art. Whether they made it yesterday or ten years ago. It brings back that sense of innocence and reminds you of those precious days.
  • Always have a fresh flower on your desk.
  • Serve milk and juice in glass (or silver/crystal) vases.
  • Add sliced lemons, limes and oranges to a summer bath.
  • Make your guest room a beautiful retreat - lotions, robes/slippers, water in a carafe and a picture of your guest in a sweet frame.
  • Celebrate every holiday. Bake a cherry pie on George Washington's Birthday; Plant a tree on Arbor Day.
  • Keep a good sized wicker basket by your bed to keep magazines and books in.
  • Display your family photos in various frames throughout your house.
  • Vacuum carpet with socks on to prevent footprints and get those beautiful 'just vacuumed' lines.
  • Place bathroom accessories on a silver tray from a flea market.
  • Use your fireplace year round. If summertime doesn't allow a fire, place flowers in the opening or use a fireplace screen.


Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Power of Nice

One of my favorite old ratty T-shirts that I am caught in often says "Kindness can change the world." Besides the fact that it is incredibly soft after dozens of cycles through the laundry, I love what it says. I believe what it says.

When I found this book and website recently I was intrigued. The Power of Nice. Just the words make me smile. This is fascinating stuff and I can't wait to dig in. Thanks to my Mom, I've been practicing this for as long as I can remember. "The Golden Rule" is what we called it way back then. How refreshing to have this gracing the pages of the Wall Street Journal and getting air time on The Martha Stewart show. Even "The Donald" chimed in with a review - so you know it's gotta be good! (Maybe he should send a copy to Rosie?)
"For my money, I would always rather make a deal with people I like who treat me well. If you want to discover the surprising power of nice, read this book. Memorize it. Use it. You'll be glad you did." — Donald Trump

Word Hard and Be Nice. You may be amazed at the outcome.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Russian Billionaire To Get Married To Win A Bet
March 13, 2007
In order to win a bet that he would marry before he turns 42, Russian billionaire bon vivant Mikhail Prokhorov plans to spend $10 million on his wedding to a woman he has never met.
According to the Russian media, the lavish wedding ceremony with 700 guests would be held in the Maldives on his 42nd birthday, which falls on May 3. Organizers of the wedding say that Prokhorov is not aware which girl he is marrying.
The 6-foot-7 Moscow businessman would rather lose on millions on an uncommon wedding than lose a bet. He is dubbed as Russia's most eligible bachelor, who made his wealth by investing in nickel and gold. Last year, he was listed by Forbes magazine as the 89th richest person in the world.
The playboy is famous for his partying on the French Riviera and was also caught up in a prostitution investigation at a posh ski resort in the French Alps in January. However, the hottest man of Moscow was released a few days later without any trouble.
Article © Copyright All Headline News, Inc. - all rights reserved.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Taking Tacky to a New Level

Finally! Some of the tackiest stuff I've found to date - thanks to Riona at Godawful Wedding Crap. Her reviews of these products are as moving as the items themselves. How can you put a price tag on some of this stuff? Of this little beauty, she writes:

"Oh man. I can't decide which would be sweeter: putting my own face on a tote bag and carrying it around in public, or presenting all my friends with the pillow of their dreams."

and another favorite:

"In the flurry of the big day, it's all too easy to marry the wrong man ... the best man, perhaps, or - heaven forbid - your dad. Fear not. These handy socks will quickly sort out the men from the boys. Gather the most likely candidates and a quick glance at the ankle will identify the scamp, allowing the fiesty rapscallion to be brought up before the priest as fast as you like. Thank you, man brand socks! Without you, I'd had to let that one get away!"

Wow. Thanks, Riona. Let the shopping begin.

Words of wisdom

This weekend I had the privilege of attending the college graduation of my fiance's daughter. She is a stunningly beautiful and bright young woman, who graduated with honors (and TWO degrees!) from a lovely private school in Montana. As we visited the campus and saw the students packing their things, exchanging hugs, wiping tears and sharing memories of their time together, I was struck by the thought of what lies ahead for her and her classmates. I was struck by the knowledge they carry with them as they leave their familiar surroundings and step into the reality of our times.

The world they are embarking on today is full of opportunities, yet full of uncertainty. Like going to a restaurant with too many menu choices, making decisions can be daunting at times. But choosing between the chicken salad or the pasta du jour isn't life changing. Oh, it may make a difference in that number we see on the scale or the number of minutes we run on the treadmill, but it won't affect the big picture things. Happiness, careers, children, health, husbands, finances ... those are the biggies. The things that these graduates will now face head on. The things that their decisions from this point forward will most likely have an effect on.

As I think of these young adults with the world before them, I am grateful that I'm not in their shoes. The real world today is not the same world as when I was their age. We didn't think about terrorism and HIV. Owning your own home was a very achieveable feat and the price of gas wasn't something you even considered when budgeting your weekly salary.

The good news is that the world is at their feet. The bad news is that the world is at their feet. May God Bless them richly.

The following was written by Pamela Satran and published in Glamour magazine in 1997. As much as things change, it's good to know that some things stay the same. I hope they add this to their knowledge base as they move forward on their journeys.

What Every Woman Should Have
One old boyfriend you can imagine going back to (even if you wouldn't) and one who reminds you of how far you've come.
Enough money within your control to move out and rent a place on your own, even if you never want or need to.
Something perfect to wear if the employer or man of your dreams wants to see you in an hour.
A purse, a suitcase and an umbrella you're not ashamed to be seen carrying.
A youth you're content to move beyond.
A past juicy enough that you're looking forward to retelling it in your old age.
A set of screwdrivers, a cordless drill and a black lace bra.
One friend who always makes you laugh and one who lets you cry.
A good piece of furniture not previously owned by anyone else in your family.
Eight matching plates, wineglasses with stems and a recipe for a meal that will make your guests feel honored.
A resume that is not even the slightest bit padded.
A feeling of control over your destiny.
A skin care regime, an exercise routine and a plan for dealing with those few other facets of life that don't get better after 30.
A solid start on a satisfying career, a satisfying relationship and all those other facets of life that do get better.

Every Woman Should Know
How to fall in love without losing yourself.
How you feel about having kids.
How to quit a job, break up with a man and confront a friend without ruining the friendship.
When to try harder and when to walk away.
How to kiss a man in a way that communicates perfectly what you would and wouldn't like to happen next.
How to have a good time at a party you'd never choose to attend.
How to ask for what you want in a way that makes it most likely you'll get it.
That you can't change the length of your calves, the width of your hips or the nature of your parents.
That your childhood may not have been perfect, but it's over.
What you would and wouldn't do for love or money.
How to live alone, even if you don't like it.
Who you can trust, who you can't, and why you shouldn't take it personally.
Where to go - be it your best friend's kitchen table or a charming inn hidden in the woods - when your soul needs soothing.
What you can and can't accomplish in a day, a month, and a year.
Why they say life begins at 30

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Childbirth & Event Planning

I've often said that event planning is much like childbirth. When you're in the throes of the most painful labor you would sell your Grandma without blinking an eye just to have the experience behind you. The adjectives you find to describe your woes would make a sailor blush. But then your little miracle arrives and all is forgotten. The severe pain has dissipated. The labor is over and the swearing has been replaced with baby talk and 'ooohs and ahhhhs'. You admire your little creation and are proud beyond measure.

I get flooded with requests from people who are interested in becoming Wedding or Event Planners. Depending on where I'm at in that particular event birthing cycle, my reaction ranges from 'What are they thinking?' to 'Oh! Someone to share in the joy!'. The one thing that is certain is that it is an amazing field to be a part of. I love the feeling of starting with a blank page - a client's vision - and seeing weeks or months or years of planning come together in a few remarkable hours. It is a crazy, stressful, life-changing and rewarding world for wedding and event planners.

Like having a child, I'm glad I am surrounded by the best professionals when the big moment finally arrives. Also like having a child, the pain is a long faded memory shortly after each event, and I'm always eager to jump back in to do it again. This is the first opportunity I have had to post a blog and look forward to finding more time to share the amazing experiences that life as an Event Planner brings. It's an exciting ride.