Thursday, October 18, 2007

Best of All, He Loved the Fall...

It is that wonderful time of year when the leaves are falling, the air is crisp, and the pumpkins, wreaths and gorgeous colors paint the neighborhoods. I usually go into the Autumn season kicking and screaming... I hate to give up the warmth and long days of summer, but once I'm there, I always love it. I start thinking about the Holidays and my one of my favorite day is Thanksgiving. I have so much to be grateful for in my life and love sharing a Thanksgiving Day meal with close family and friends.

I like to put a little 'happy' on each guests plate - in the past, I've done something as simple as writing small notes to each guest about why I'm thankful for them in my life. Mount the notes on a gorgeous leaf that you collect and you've got an instant place card and keepsake! This year, I think my guests will receive these cute little paperweights, tied with a gorgeous orange bow with a little greenery tucked in. I love the saying. "Gratitude can turn a feast into a meal, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend."

Also, how fun to put one of these Thanksgiving Day 'conversation' cards under each plate. During the meal, ask each guests to read their question and share their answer with the group. I believe even talking about gratitude is a good thing.