Thursday, October 11, 2007


This seems to be a fun thing currently going around the blog world and I was excited to be 'tagged' by my good friend, Amy Rubins of Fete Perfection. On top of having a fantastic company name and gorgeous website & blog, she produces and manages absolutely amazing weddings & events. It's so nice to have colleagues that are inspiring and fun!

So, the rules are to post 8 "interesting" things about yourself and then tag someone else. So buckle up, kids. These will no doubt fascinate and delight.

1. I am a native Minnesotan. My native language is, ya, you becha - Minnesotan. If you've seen the movie 'Fargo' then you know what I'm talkin' about, doncha? Now, to set things straight however, many Minnesotans were offended by the movie. I'm not one of them. I thought it was hysterical and loved Frances McDermott as 'Margie'. Although I don't get a chance to visit the land of 10,000 lakes too often, I rarely have to pull out the
'How to Speak Minnesotan' guide on my shelf before I visit. If you do plan a trip there, you should know just a few of the main phrases so you won't feel totally lost and won't insult the locals. These should be helpful:

  • SPAM: Not an internet nuisance thing there. It's a meat product that comes in a lovely blue tin can.
  • Yer darn tootin': Most definitely.
  • Spendy: Expensive.
  • Yah: Affirmative agreement.
  • Not so bad; Could be worse; Can't complain: The normal Minnesota reaction one may hear after being asked "how do you feel? You've just won the Pulitzer Prize!?"
  • Tennies: Sneakers.
  • Golly Jee Whillickers!: That is awesome.

2. I am the first to admit that although I appreciate the finer (okay, finest) things in life, I would take a Matt's Juicy Lucy over foie gras any day. Matt's Bar in Minneapolis may be my all time favorite restaurant in the world - and I've been fortunate enough to have frequented hundreds across the planet! Ahhh.... I can almost see those dusty Christmas lights that hang all year and hear that 'Mack the Knife' on the old Juke Box now. Add Matt's bar to your 1,000 places to see before you die list.

3. I am a breast cancer survivor. Yes. Get your mammogram, ladies. Please. I was diagnosed stricly through a mammogram screening in November 2003, and had a left-side mastectomy 3 weeks later. I'm happy and grateful to be amongst the pink ribbon wearing survivors.

4. Does your TIVO look like my TIVO? One of my secret enjoyments on a rainy weekend is to catch up on all my favorites. No Law & Order, Grey's Anatomy or Desperate Housewives here, folks. Nope. What you'll find is all of the fabulous reality shows that I dig. I don't know why but I love this stuff! My favorites? Little People, Big World (This family is amazing!), Airline (gotta love obnoxious people spewing and spitting at the Southwest Airline folks), The Bachelor (I miss it), and of course all of the wedding shows that star many of my favorite wedding planners!

5. The Starbucks names they have for their various sized coffees annoy me beyond belief. Is a 'Tall' a small or a medium? I'm so confused. Add to that the fact that when you use the good old English language to order your coffee, you're often scolded by one of their personnel. My experiences often go like this:

ME (customer): "I'd like a small coffee, please."

THEY (server): "A tall?"

ME (customer): "No, just a small one. Thanks."

THEY (server): "Ahhhh , well a tall is a small."

ME (customer): "What's a medium?"

THEY (server): "A Grande."

ME (customer): "Well that's weird. Grande is the Italian word for Large."

.... so unless I'm up for a good altercation, I usually avoid Starbucks at all costs. I'll take a Diet Coke.

6. Without a doubt, I am Blessed with the most incredible husband, family and friends that anyone could ever dream of.

7. I am pretty sure that I invented the word 'juu juu'. I've used it for years ("that's good juu juu!") and was stunned a couple of years ago when my friends started calling me at all hours telling me that they heard MY word on network TV shows. McDreamy stole my word? He should be careful ... stealing is really bad juu juu.

8. I am a proud American, a proud conservative, a proud Christian, and an eternal optimist. I believe that if people want to come to our country, they should come here legally. The illegals want to better their lives? Guess what, so do bank robbers. Give me a break. Follow the laws and we'll welcome you with open arms. I believe that if they do come to our country legally, they should speak English. I believe that people should be given a hand UP, NOT a hand out. I believe that tax cuts are meant for those people who actually pay taxes. Check the statistics. The wealthier people pay the taxes - that's why the rich people should get the tax cuts. I better stop now... Sean Hannity is on the radio. God Bless America.

Okay! Now...I'm tagging Risa Provencio of Romanza Events. Talk about talent! Risa is so inspiring and gives Martha Stewart a definite run for her money. Check out her site and her blog - You'll be hooked.


Amy said...

Jody you never I knew there was a reason I liked you from the get-go (yep, another Minnesoda word)...I have a crush on Sean Hannity, we see eye to eye on the issues, I'm a card carrying Republican, I met GW and I proudly fly my flag.
Can't wait to return to Seattle to visit the fam - I'll buy you a small coffee at Cafe Nervosa...

Tim and Monica said...

oh jody, I knew I liked you! I didn't think there were any other number eights in this industry... :-) Way to represent!!!

Monica Rae said...

So, that last comment was mine (Monica Gill of J.Cricket Events). I don't know how that happened.

Tracey Kumer-Moore, JWIC said...

Hey Jody,
Well I guess Amy Sedaris tagged you before I got to you. Oh Well!

I think Sean Hannity is HOT!:)& most often always right. Yep, I'm on your side too!