Monday, July 14, 2008

If we couldn't laugh...

Today I had a moment when I almost took my beautiful and precious and quite expensive PC and tossed it off the ferry into the Puget Sound. I am not kidding. I learned that threatening or swearing at a piece of equipment does nothing for its speed or accuracy. I also decided that the US Coast Guard would be suspicious of my angry technological gesture.

So, after a very frustrating day, it was great to calm down with my husband on the ferry (it's the greatest people watching on earth), put the top on the car down for our commute home, pop in my favorite
Eva Cassidy CD, and count my Blessings. I have a fabulous husband and home, a job I love, a great team, amazing friends and family and thankfully we all manage to laugh every day. I always have to re-learn to keep things in perspective....

I've spent the past several hours 'cleaning up' my PC and came across some of these pictures that depict some of the fun we have at our office on a daily basis. As I spoke lovingly to my PC this evening, I couldn't help but chuckling about the day and recalling one of my very favorite quotes "If we couldn't laugh, we would all go insane."

Amen, Jimmy B.

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