Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Awaiting the coconut bra pics...in the meantime, April rocks.

Every once in awhile you find someone that just 'clicks' - with your ideals, your humor, your quality, and even your quirks. We have been so fortunate to find that person in April Greer - photographer extraordinaire. She is the real deal. Amazingly (capital 'A') talented, fun, honest, hard-working (capital 'H'), and we have been honored to work with her on our most recent wedding. Our couple - Sean & Avanie have been more than a delight to work with. Residing in Denmark, much of our correspondence over the past 14 months has been via email and conference calls - and the results of all the communication was an absolutely amazing wedding that took place last weekend in Seattle.

The happy couple is now honeymooning in Maui (and have promised to send photos of them wearing coconut bras and grass skirts).... It is this type of wedding that makes our job such a joy. We'll post the wedding photos when they are available, but in the meantime, please take a look at the following entry which is straight out of April Greer's awesome blog:


avanie + sean

meet avanie + sean, they flew in from denmark for this session. and the bridal shoot.
and the wedding. For those of you who heard about the couple that
'vaccuums together' this is the couple! They are just as adventurous and
spontaneous as they look. I'm not shitting you. Their energy levels are phenomenal.
This couple kept me on my toes. The e-session was 95% photojournalistic.
In Avanie's words: Denmark is the shittiest small country in Europe.
She doesn't say much, but when she does, its to be remembered well.

Joe Buissink reminded us in a seminar once:
'followers like to be lead, leaders like to be followed.'
I had so much fun following Sean + Avanie.
Following people is unusual. I like it.

As you can see by the sky....it was a typical Seattle day. To the non-Seattlite readers:
if you have the chance to shoot here, the clouds will be your friend.
The effects offer some of the most eccentric lighting.
Reflections bouncing off buildings, diffused everywhere.

A little break in the clouds...

Love Sean's wild 'man-hair.'

suggestive+ fresh.

held close to the ground

whoa baby.

Sean is talkative and physically expressive. Avanie is a good listener.

Such a beautiful exotic face.

she cannot stop smiling when he's around.
a happy wife = a happy life.

Sean + Avanie :Thank you so much for allowing me into your
life as a photographer. It means so much to me to get up close & personal.
Wishing you many happy, happy years together!

Mahalo, S&A. Safe Travels home.

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