Monday, March 2, 2009

A delicious and thoughtful 'happy' - cuisine at home magazine

I'm so blessed to have the most amazing family and friends. So many of them are extremely thoughtful and often surprise me with little 'happies'. (A "happy" in our world is a term we use to describe an unexpected, inexpensive gift, note or simple gesture that makes someone smile.)

When I picked up the mail today, I got my latest copy of Cuisine At Home magazine - one of my favorite 'happies' I've ever received. Here's the background: Last year when I was on a recipe hunt, I went to one of my friends who is not only a fabulous cook, but truly a 'hostess with the mostest', and a fabulous wedding planner to boot! Naturally, Chris saved the day and provided me with the perfect recipe for my dinner party. The next day, I thanked her and told her what a success her dish proved to be.

Now here's where the 'happy' comes in. A few weeks later, I received a gift subscription to this fantastic cooking magazine - with a loving note from Chris. Her happy to me. I've enjoyed the publication and used so many of their recipes and tips and have now given this 'happy' to others!

Think of how you can brighten a day with a little 'happy'... it makes opening the mailbox fun!

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