Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Volunteer DIY project makes big bucks!

Photo by: DIY Good Taste

At our DIY Good Taste™ studio we have the best work table! It's huge, the perfect height and even has cubbies for our clients' DIY project materials. Guests love coming to the studio - and they get very excited when they see this table - it just begs for cool art to be created upon it.

This wonderful DIY project was for Robin's school auction. Her students (1st and 2nd graders at Sunnyside Environmental School in Portland, OR) began by painting paper and cutting out shapes, which they then meticulously glued together, creating charming animals and objects representing the letters of the alphabet (impressive hand-eye coordination I must say).

Our task was to make these whimsical artworks work together. A quilt-inspired background grid was the base, using five colors of card stock. Lower-case letters were die-cut using our Slice tool. The kids' creations were arranged on top and glued down. A lovely recycled wood frame held the finished artwork.

The winning bid of $400.00 was a gratifying result to our fun day in the studio.

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