Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bath Junkies unite!

Today after church, my husband and I took a walk around beautiful Bainbridge Island, Washington. If you make it to Seattle, you owe it to yourself to take the ferry across the Sound to this amazingly quaint and chic community. Full of trendy shops, lovely art galleries and gorgeous gardens, “our side of the water” is the place to be these days.

I couldn’t help but notice a store that I hadn’t seen before – ‘Bath Junkie’. What a great name for a fun store. Here’s what I found out about this little gem from their website:

“A mix between an upscale Manhattan loft and the production line of a factory, bath junkie stores are a "drop-in spa". Small indulgences, self-pampering and the seemingly lost art of customer service abound at each bath junkie location.

Think of it like a soda fountain for bath products: scented and tinted to your specifications, and mixed up in-store before your very eyes. bath junkie products are safe for even the most sensitive skin. Most are paraben and SLS-free. We don't test on animals, either— only ourselves. And we only use the best.”

I think I’m going to try their “clean freak all purpose cleanser” and pick up some “mutt mist dog cologne” for my friends with those lovable canines that could use a little visit to Bath Junkie themselves. Arf! Arf!

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