Monday, June 30, 2008

The devil is in the details....

There is an old saying - "the devil is in the details". Six little words that the best wedding and event planners live by.

According to The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Third Edition. 2002. "The devil is in the details" has a couple of meanings:
  • Even the grandest project depends on the success of the smallest components.
  • This version of the proverb often implies that the details might cause failure. A more positive version is “God is in the details,” a saying often attributed to the architect Le Corbusier.
There are just too many reasons to NOT hire a professional for an important event such as a wedding or upscale event. Take a look at the chafing dishes above... both serve the same purpose, both may be provided by a venue, both can hold the same delicious menu items, but which would you prefer at your event? Which one looks more inviting and elegant and cared for?

With the dress, invites, cake, relatives, florals, music, catering, bridal party, gifts, RSVPs, showers, marriage license, rings, and dance lesssons on your 'to do' list, will you remember to ask about how the chafing dishes look?

A great planner will do that for you. They truly know about those details and how missing even the smallest one can make or break a fabulous occasion.

Be sure to budget for a professional wedding and event planner. It will save you time, money, peace of mind and most of all, get those pesky little details off your plate.

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Kelly, Your SW Florida Destination Wedding Planner said...

If that picture doesn't have brides beating down doors for a planner...I don't know what would. Hol Cannoli that is ugly.