Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nice mail

How much fun is it to receive something other than bills in the mail? We loved getting this recent post card from our dear friend Nick Parrotta of NBP Productions in Las Vegas.
Nick and his team of talented professional provided amazing entertainment for a top-notch party we managed at Tryst nightclub at the beautiful Wynn hotel. The event was co-hosted by Microsoft and Ascent Media, and Good Taste Events was honored to be selected to manage it for such high profile clients.
What struck me most about getting this card, however was how easy it is to say 'thanks' to people we work with, work for, live by, etc. Nick probably took 3 minutes to jot this great note, spent .26 cents to throw a stamp on it and is now on my 'Wow! That's impressive!' list forever.
I think I'll take the time to follow Nick's lead and drop a few notes in the mail today. Just to say hi, I'm thinking of you, or thanks! I know I'll feel as good sending the notes as the recipients will when they find them in their mail box.

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