Tuesday, May 22, 2007

100 Things Worth Every Penny

A few years ago, Forbes magazine published this great article -"100 things worth every penny". I believe that somethings are indeed worth the price. Hands down. No question. At other times, however, I find myself shaking my head in disbelief when I see the price tag of certain items. At times, I've come close to letting the shop management know that there is an obvious error in their price marked on certain items. ("Umm, yes, you have that T-shirt priced at $98. Obviously you mean $9.80"). I thought it would be fun to see how the 2000 list compared to my thoughts today.
I would add a few items to their impressive list...

* A professional wedding planner
* Frette linens
* Pine Cone Hill comforters
* Maui Jim sunglasses
* A trip to the Cook Islands
* First Class International flights anywhere
* Peninsula Hotels
* Kitchen Aid stand mixer
* A Sonicare toothbrush
* Tempurpedic mattress
* Fresh flowers

100 things worth every penny 11.13.00
FYI's second annual list (in no particular order) of money well spent:

1. A night in the Lincoln Bedroom
2. A good tire-pressure gauge
3. An Arabian horse from Egypt
4. Truffles
5. Parducci Petite Sirah
6. A colonoscopy
7. AAA Plus
8. Gap Kids
9. Cremation
10. Carrara marble
11. Fiji bottled water
12. Private balcony at the Monaco Grand Prix
13. Quies brand French earplugs
14. A good haircut
15. The lobster club sandwich at Le Cirque 2000
16. A boat trip through the Grand Canyon
17. Pelikan fountain pen
18. Viagra
19. A surprise party
20. Side-impact air bags
21. Nepenthe at Big Sur
22. A good baby-sitter
23. Felco pruning shears
24. Tickets to see Tiger Woods at the Masters
25. Paul Stuart blazer
26. The Arizona Biltmore
27. A farewell dinner
28. Any Ducati motorcycle
29. Piedmontese steak
30. Pane e Vino restaurant, L.A.
31. The Four Seasons Hotel, Las Vegas
32. A Riva wooden boat
33. Duracell batteries
34. Any pre-1970 12-cylinder Ferrari
35. HealthRider treadmill
36. Winchester 73 carbine
37. Tattoo removal
38. Chemex coffeemaker
39. Mclaren stroller
40. A great hammock
41. Stanley steel thermos
42. Kryptonite bike lock
43. An In-N-Out Burger, L.A.
44. Breitling stopwatch
45. A cab ride home from the bar
46. Mach 3 razor
47. Motion detectors
48. The Greek Isles
49. Riedel wineglasses
50. A renowned cardiologist
51. Condoms
52. Lifejackets
53. A genuine cast-iron skillet
54. Teeth bleaching
55. Hermès Eau d'Orange Verte cologne
56. "Dominator" Bell Helmet
57. Loro Piana cashmere
58. A good tailor
59. Unlined Italian leather gloves
60. Mason Pearson hairbrushes
61. Crème de la Mer face cream
62. Altus abdominal exerciser
63. Classic hardcover children's books
64. Personalized Cartier stationery
65. Nutella
66. Ski boot warmers
67. Piano lessons
68. Rhodia graph paper
69. U.S. Geological Survey maps
70. Hungarian goose-down bedding
71. Reflexology foot massage
72. Transferring home movies to video
73. Saffron
74. Purell hand sanitizer
75. Pilates classes
76. A powerful humidifier
77. A family reunion
78. A clay tennis court
79. Wooden clothes hangers
80. Chanel Nail Colour
81. Lowa hiking boots
82. A gas-fueled lighter
83. Genuine Pendleton blanket
84. Chameaux "wellies"
85. Orvis rolling duffel bag
86. Satellite TV
87. We-no-nah canoe
88. The honeymoon
89. Andrew Harper's Hideaway Report
90. A view
91. Fuji film
92. John Deere lawn tractor
93. Domke camera bag
94. A New York pied-à-terre
95. Premium unleaded
96. Emerald earrings
97. Insta-shine
98. Veuve Clicquot La Grand Dame Champagne
99. Sunblock
100. Your children

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Anonymous said...

You forgot Maui Jim Sunglasses...the best! AND they protect your eyes from the harmful rays.