Monday, May 7, 2007

Taking Tacky to a New Level

Finally! Some of the tackiest stuff I've found to date - thanks to Riona at Godawful Wedding Crap. Her reviews of these products are as moving as the items themselves. How can you put a price tag on some of this stuff? Of this little beauty, she writes:

"Oh man. I can't decide which would be sweeter: putting my own face on a tote bag and carrying it around in public, or presenting all my friends with the pillow of their dreams."

and another favorite:

"In the flurry of the big day, it's all too easy to marry the wrong man ... the best man, perhaps, or - heaven forbid - your dad. Fear not. These handy socks will quickly sort out the men from the boys. Gather the most likely candidates and a quick glance at the ankle will identify the scamp, allowing the fiesty rapscallion to be brought up before the priest as fast as you like. Thank you, man brand socks! Without you, I'd had to let that one get away!"

Wow. Thanks, Riona. Let the shopping begin.

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