Friday, May 18, 2007

My Wedding Plans

When you read a good book, find a great recipe or spot the 'must have' shoes, it's so fun to share your discoveries with your friends. I wish I could do this for a living! There are so many wonderful things out there and seeking them out is half the fun. As I get ready for my September wedding, I've been on the hunt for some special goodies...for my reception, my home, my fiance, my guests and myself. Some of my favorites (so far) are here. Enjoy!

My dress for my wedding is beautiful. I feel like Cinderella when I go into Luly Yang Couture where I found it. Luly is one of the most talented designers I have ever met. On top of being beautiful and talented, she runs an amazing show and never slows down. Rebecca and the rest of Luly's team is top notch. They could rent themselves out and provide women a daily dose of 'Wow! You are so beautiful!'. It's hard to have a bad day after a stop at Luly's.

My photographer is Janet Klinger. Her photography is spectacular and I'm thrilled that she will be there to capture our special day.

Carly and Carah at Little q Designs are two of my favorite women. They are warm, professional, friendly and produce invitations and stationary items that are simply stunning.
My fiance is planning our honeymoon and the location is a complete surprise to me! I truly him implicitly (he has very good taste!) and know what he has planned will be nothing less than spectacular. I'm relying on my sister (the only other person who knows the honeymoon plans) to advise me on what to bring. Shopping blindfolded is a bit tricky, but I found this dress that I think i will definitely be able to bring on the honeymoon.

Heidi Merrick's traveling dress.
I'm ready to head to the airport now!

I am considering using small mint julep cups as part of the decor. You can do so much with them - insert a nice candle, engrave them, use them at each place setting with a beautiful flower... Some other things I like are below. Ahhhhh, decisions, decisions...

William Sonoma Cookies!
beautiful & delicious.

I LOVE Wonderful Graffiti. Their monograms and removable vinyl lettering are so lovely and add a personalized touch to any wedding or event. I have wonderful graffiti in my home and recommend it to all of my bridal couples. Wouldn't a small monogram be cute on each hotel room door?

113 days til the big day so I'll keep you posted!

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