Friday, May 11, 2007

Living a Beautiful Life

Love is such a nice thing to come home to. Were there ever more beautiful words? Especially when your beautiful kindergartner records it on canvas forever.

This is one of the little treasures that I have in my house. A precious gift that will adorn my home forever. As I thought of this, it reminded me of "Grace Notes" that Alexandra Stoddard ( published in her books "Living a Beautiful Life" and "Creating a Beautiful Home".

Having Good Taste does not necessarily equate to having a ton of money. Some things are easy to do for little or nothing. Simple things can add an amazing amount of beauty to your everyday life. Here are some of my favorites:
  • Light a candle anytime. In the evening they welcome guests; at meals they add a sense of specialness; during the day they offer relaxation and beautiful aromas; and at bath time, there is nothing more calming.
  • Add dimmer switches to all of your rooms. It's amazing what a difference lighting can make.
  • Display your children's art. Whether they made it yesterday or ten years ago. It brings back that sense of innocence and reminds you of those precious days.
  • Always have a fresh flower on your desk.
  • Serve milk and juice in glass (or silver/crystal) vases.
  • Add sliced lemons, limes and oranges to a summer bath.
  • Make your guest room a beautiful retreat - lotions, robes/slippers, water in a carafe and a picture of your guest in a sweet frame.
  • Celebrate every holiday. Bake a cherry pie on George Washington's Birthday; Plant a tree on Arbor Day.
  • Keep a good sized wicker basket by your bed to keep magazines and books in.
  • Display your family photos in various frames throughout your house.
  • Vacuum carpet with socks on to prevent footprints and get those beautiful 'just vacuumed' lines.
  • Place bathroom accessories on a silver tray from a flea market.
  • Use your fireplace year round. If summertime doesn't allow a fire, place flowers in the opening or use a fireplace screen.


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