Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hi, I'm Jody and I'm a beautiful linen addict.

I have a confession. I absolutely love beautiful linens. I mean this is a serious love affair -not a simple matter of flirting. The look, the color, the feel, the texture all just make me happy. I love walking into a luxurious bedroom - it's my sanctuary in a crazy world. So, every Saturday morning, I look forward to changing my bedding and ironing my sheets. Yes, you read that right. I iron my sheets. I also polish my silver on a regular basis, and my towels are folded perfectly in my linen closet. Some of these traits scare my friends, but they are a couple of little things that float my boat.

One of my very favorites are the amazing Pine Cone Hill products found many places - and one of the best spots online for gorgeous items is Layla Grayce. They are worth every penny and like fine wine, truly get better with age.

So, if you haven't pulled out the Rowenta and gone through this exercise, I strongly suggest it. It can be addictive and be a nice and simple way to pamper yourself.

Wow. It feels good to confess. :)


hannah said...

Oh gosh, I can definitely relate to this. I am a lovely linen addict, myself. Especially different textures of white!

april greer said...

I confess. I am a linen addict too. there's only 1 better reason to go to bed...