Sunday, January 25, 2009

What the world needs now is love.... our latest series

We're starting a new series on one of our favorite subjects - LOVE! I happen to believe that every day should be like Valentine's Day, and, as Cupid is just around the corner, it seemed a great way to begin our latest blogging series.

The delicious chocolate butter cookies above are exclusive to Williams Sonoma and are available via their catalog or Internet only. Here's how they describe these sweet little bites:

"Made with equal measures of love, skill and premium ingredients that include dark Valrhona chocolate, our heart-shaped chocolate butter cookies from Sweet Guy Cookies will charm your valentine. The cookies are prepared, rolled and cut by hand, then decorated in green, pink, aqua and orange and yellow icing, each stamped with the words “Kiss Me,” “Cute,” “Love” or “Flirt.” The 2 1/2" x 2" cookies arrive in a reusable tin. 7 oz. Set of nine."

They are $22 and should be ordered by February 9th to ensure delivery for delivery on Valentine's Day.

However, why not stock up? Consider these love bites any time of the year... as an addition to a sweet little love note left on your sweethearts pillow, to surprise your loved ones in the mail, to drop off on at a colleagues office or even to simply have on hand when friends drop by for tea.

Gosh, I love love.


Juliet Douglas said...

Those are SO cute! I want some and I haven't even had breakfast yet! said...

so cute - I must blog about this too! thanks