Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Colleagues who inspire....Liene Stevens

"Appreciation is a wonderful thing.
It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well." - Voltaire

I have had the great pleasure of meeting so many talented friends and associates in my career. All of them have touched me in one way or another, but just a handful have truly inspired me - making me want to reach higher, dream bigger, and reassure me that my positive outlook truly does matter. One of those amazing women is Liene ("Lynn") Stevens. Liene is the CEO of "Blue Orchid Designs" and the Founder of "The Smart Planner". She has the business sense of someone at least twice her age (although she is a youngster compared to me!), the wisdom of a seasoned professional, the intelligence that would make Mensa proud, the quiet humor and sass of the best stand-up comic, and a heart of pure gold. She's the kind of girl you just love being around ... I'm so lucky to call her my friend.

Today I attended a workshop that she sponsored on Blogging. (Imagine the pressure I'm feeling as I type!) As I returned to my hotel to blog, the thing that kept coming to my mind was gratitude. My heart is overflowing tonight with appreciation and gratitude for Liene. Her sharing, her ideas, her personality, her open and honest approach to this crazy business of wedding planning.

So, this blog post will probably not earn an "A" on the subjects we discussed today, but it's the thing that I wanted to share the most. If you haven't had an opportunity to meet Liene, make it a priority. Attend a workshop, read her blogs, follow her advice. You'll be Blessed by the experience.

Thanks, Liene. xo


Las Vegas Wedding Concierge said...

I had the pleasure of meeting Liene as well last fall when I went with Mike to Scottsdale for an event.

And I agree with you; she inspires me every day.

Then again, people who want success and good things from life get off their asses (that would be us Jody though at this precise moment I am planted on mine) and go find the inspiration and make it work.

Glad you had a an amazing time!


Juliet Douglas said...

I'm glad you've had the pleasure of meeting Liene. I truly enjoy her blogs and learn so much from her. I hope to meet her one day as well. She definitely has her head on straight.

kelly said...

It was so nice to meet you and Heather yesterday! Hopefully our paths will cross again soon :)

Las Vegas Wedding Concierge said...


'Cause you inspire me too:)

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