Sunday, January 4, 2009

Announcing - DIY Good Taste™! Making your DIY project a fun and fabulous experience.

With so many amazing 'Do It Yourself' people and projects out there, we are thrilled to announce the Grand Opening of our latest venture - "DIY Good Taste™".

What exactly is "DIY Good Taste™"?

We have award winning creative ideas and the talented team that can help you create your very own DIY projects. Combing the use of our studio (including all our professional tools and necessary materials), and our floating 'creative angels' to assist your group of friends or family as they "build" your dream projects - DIY will offer a memorable experience that will save you time, create wonderful memories and send you home with your completed projects - just as though you ordered them from a professional store!

How does DIY Good Taste™ work?

It's really quite simple. (And of course, fun.)
  1. You'll schedule an appointment to meet with our creative team to discuss what you're looking for. The possibilities are endless so we've come up with some sample ideas (Save the Date cards, invitations, table numbers, favors, thank you notes, etc.) to help inspire you. They vary from very simple to over-the-top so we can work with projects in any budget range.

  2. Once you decide on the project that you like, you'll choose the paper color and quality, the specific wording (we have ideas galore!), ribbon colors, anything else you'd like to make it "yours" - even calligraphy styles and stamps if you like!

  3. We order all of the necessary materials and have them ready for your 'DIY team' to assemble on the date that you schedule.

  4. On your 'DIY date' (or night!), our studio is all yours. Bring your friends and get ready for a fantastic experience - that produces tangible results! You'll go home with your beautiful invitations, favors, programs, gift baskets or whatever you've decided to produce in a beautiful bag ready to 'wow' your guests. A fun experience and a huge relief to knock off that to-do list!
I'm really not creative! I've spent hours in the paper store and feel overwhelmed by the process and how it can possibly get done in time!

Trust us. We've spent hours in those stores, too. We've probably seen you there! Remember those 'angels' I mentioned? They'll be there to provide full instructions to everyone upon arrival. If you run into any glitches, we're there to help! Plus, what a joy to have your kitchen table free from those piles of expensive paper and rolls of ribbon!

What makes it an experience different than just having my friends over to make invitations?

Great question. Again, when you do any DIY project, you realize that the most important thing you need is the proper tools. We have professional grade tools that work beautifully. We prepare all materials in advance so you don't spend hours and hours cutting and pasting and prepping BEFORE you even begin your project. Remember, we do this professionally so we know how to create amazing projects efficiently.

Also, because we're event planners, we love parties! If you'd like to bring wine or adult beverages, just let us know! (A designated driver or car service is required.) We'll supply the cheese and crackers! How fun to have a limousine pick up all of your DIYers and take you home at the end of the evening? Would you like us to take photos of your fun evening for your wedding memory book? No problem! We'll make it happen.

It sounds amazing! How much does this cost?

Your initial consultation (usually between 1 - 2 hours) is $75. If you decide to book your project with DIY Good Taste, that fee is applied to the final amount of your experience.

We will determine the exact cost of your projects based on the complexity of it, the quality of the materials involved, etc. and we will let you know the prices, so you will know exactly where you stand with regard to your budget. There is a $500 minimum on any project. REMEMBER: your project will be unique to you. Totally custom. Totally cool.

Our studio rental fee is $90 per hour with a 3 hour minimum. This includes all work stations, aprons, professional grade tools, and a minimum of 2 'creative angels' to oversee your work.


The DIY Good Taste™ possibilities are truly endless and we look forward to being your "secret partner" in your DIY project of your dreams. Give us a call today at 425.818.0369 or send us an email at and let's get started.

PS. Our new website is coming soon! Gift certificates are available and a referral program is being developed...

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