Monday, February 9, 2009

Ciao Bella! A gorgeous silk screened DIY Save The Date card

When I think of romance, I often think of Italy. The country, the culture, the music, the food, the people... they all seem to conjure up a feeling of passion and love. With that said, we are thrilled that one of our favorite 2009 wedding clients have selected an amazing Tuscan villa for their July wedding! So, to announce their plans to their lucky list of guests, the bride worked with our DIY Good Taste team to create these stunningly beautiful Save-the-Date cards.

The couple came up with the "postmark" idea and the cypress tree stamps. The Save-the-Date announcements were silk-screen printed on exquisite handmade cotton paper by 'Fabriano', and the end results are shown above.

What a joy to get this beautiful "first taste" of an Italian wedding in the mail. I know those lucky recipients have definitely marked their calendars for this special day. (Oh, and we'll share the outcome so you can share in their amore... even if only vicariously.)

Now that's amore!

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Colleen said...

Hey!!! Those look familiar! :-) Wow, those look awesome! I am SO glad you took that photo. Can I have a copy? :-)