Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A cup of Joe?

We live in Seattle - the "Emerald City". Best known for it's rainy reputation, Good Taste Events, Microsoft and of course coffee. (couldn't resist the shameless endorsement).

Our office recently added a great little Keurig Coffee System, which is so quick, easy, and economical that it's hard to understand why we didn't get it ages ago! When you want a cup of Joe, you simply pop in one of the "K-Cups" (they look like little creamers but are filled with gourmet coffee, tea or cocoa), close the lid, and hit "brew." Within seconds your hot, fresh beverage is ready!

No waiting in line, no special coffee language to learn (Tall? Small? Vendi? Grande?), and at an average of .49 cents per cup, hard to beat. Especially in the land of the coffee giants.