Friday, February 13, 2009

Remembering my precious daughter, Kelsey

In loving memory of my daughter
Kelsey Miles Zehring
April 16, 1988 - February 14, 1996

Kelsey would have turned 21 years old this Spring.
She is missed by so many every day.


Carol said...


While I didn't know Kelsey, I do know she was wonderful because she was your daughter. I'm so sorry for your loss and am sure she is one of God's special angel's.

Juliet Douglas said...

Your precious angel right? You're so strong Jody.

The Perfect Solutions said...

Oh, dear. I am so sorry for your loss all those years ago, I am sure it is still fresh for you each Valentine's Day.

You are in my prayers.


Dee Diana said...

I think of her often although I never met her. I just met and was priviledged to know her incredible Mother for a brief time. I believe that Kelsey is a special Angel and her spirit watches over many of us - me included! And that is very special to me.

Jack Young said...

You are a strong and special woman, jody. i can only image how tough the loss has been for you. i have a five years old and i could not image...

best to you and bless your heart!