Sunday, February 1, 2009

Our Monday Six-Letter Memoir series. This weeks topic: Work colleagues

photo by veer
We've become addicted to the six-word memoir craze and decided to make it our Monday blog theme. Each week we'll choose a new topic to use when writing our six-word stories. So we challenge you to join us! Share with us your six-word memoir of the topic of the week, but be warned: this gets contagious!

This weeks topic: Work Colleagues.

In our case that means The Good Taste Team.

  • Jody Taylor-Smith: "Big laugh. Big heart. Big dreams*."
  • Maude May: "Generous beyond words. Creative beyond belief."
  • Heather Tansill: "Amazing combination of brilliance and beauty."

*Maude May came up with this one and didn't tell me the last word. Fearful that it may be something about my ahem...anatomy...., I've made the executive decision to complete the final word myself. Please note that this is not how the official rules work.

So tell us how you'd describe your team? We'd love to hear from you!

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