Monday, February 9, 2009

Six-word memoirs. Today's theme: From the heart.

photograph by veer

I love this week in February. Who couldn't? It's about love. As far back as grade school, it was a special time - sharing simple Valentine treats with classmates and decorating those shoe boxes with doilies and red hearts to receive your treats from others...

To honor those days, this Monday our six-word memoir topic is: From the heart.

The following memoirs are about some of our family & friends. Their names have been kept secret to protect their identities. But in case any of them are reading, maybe they will recognize themselves here... maybe you'll recognize some of your friends and loved ones!

This week, take 5 minutes and send a six-word memoir to your friends and family. Such a simple and loving gesture that will make a heart smile.

Creatively embracing life wearing commemorative t-shirts

Tender spirit, keeper of my heart

Cherished friend, love of my life

Swing dancing - hold tight then spin

Enthusiastic cyclist and sometimes sudoku master

Visionary leader, fund-raiser extraordinaire, stupendous brother

Best friend, confidant, partner in crime

Singular free spirit, talented, irreverent artist

Honor graduate, self-assured graceful life dancer

Passionate traveler, gracious hostess, life-long learner

Passionately bridges cultures, advocating natural-dye artistry

Shining light through all my days

Saving lives, making money, lucky me

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Gray Photography - Zach and Jody - Nashville Wedding Photography said...

aw, what a great idea! Spread the love :) Pay a good thing forward! -JG